3 Misunderstood Message

The weather continued to deteriorate. The sailboat was driven at an incredible speed by the wind. The wife retreated into the cabin, where she was tossed around and battered black and blue. The husband clung tenaciously to the wheel of the ship and to the hope that he could save his ship and their lives. They raced out of control, driven by the wind along the coast of the state of Washington. (On shore, people listening to the wind blow through the trees likened it to standing next to a jet plane rushing down the runway.) In a matter of hours the sailboat covered a distance which would normally take days of sailing.

Both husband and wife were near exhaustion. Hoping to escape the terrific winds, they turned into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. However, the winds blew as hard in the Strait as they had in the open waters of the Pacific. The last sail was torn to shreds. A sea anchor was tossed out. Both husband and wife, deeply fatigued, were losing hope of saving their lives.

Meanwhile people along the coast became aware through television that a life-and-death drama was being enacted in the Strait. The Coast Guard dispatched a rescue helicopter to follow the boat, but the boat was tossing and pitching so wildly in the storm that lowering a rescue basket to the two was out of the question. They also found a translator who could communicate with the pair on board, but still there seemed no way to rescue the couple. At any moment they expected the boat to go under.

At this time a Chinese super-freighter was headed toward Seattle. The captain, hearing of the plight of the two on board the sailboat, devised a plan to save them both. 

Misunderstood Message 4

He steered his ship windward of the sailboat and then turned his giant ship broadside. Turning the boat sideways blocked the terrific winds, and the current brought the sailboat alongside the freighter. A rope ladder was lowered and the two had just enough strength to scramble up the ladder. 

The helicopter then picked them up off the ship and brought them to a nearby hospital to receive medical attention. The sailboat was released; after the storm, men searched for it but were unable to find it.

The Chinese freighter turned sideways so that the gale-force winds would spend their energies on it instead of on the sailboat. This reminds us of what the Lord Jesus did on the cross for sinners. There in His own body He bore the sins of all those who would believe on Him. God's anger against sin fell on the Lord Jesus. God is holy and righteous and cannot let one sin in this whole universe go unpunished. On the cross the Lord Jesus took the awful punishment that we deserved for sin. Because He loved us and would rescue us from the punishment of our sins, He died in our place. First Corinthians 15:3 reads, "Christ died for our sins." Because He did this, the most degraded of sinners can turn to Him and receive the free forgiveness of sins. It is free, because it has been paid for. Won't you believe on the Lord Jesus as the only Saviour of sinners? Then you can say like the songwriter:

The tempest's awful voice was heard;
O Christ, it broke on Thee;
Thy open bosom was my ward,
It bore the storm for me.
Thy form was scarred,
 Thy visage marred,
Now cloudless peace for me.

by B.P.