3 An Agonizing Choice

When she got the top of the hill Sangreta looked for her oldest son. She could find him nowhere. She ran through the crowd asking neighbors, Where is Dinakren? Have you seen Dinakren? One neighbor said she had seen the boy going into their hut. Just then the giant wave of water hit the shore and crashed into the village. It crushed the boats on the beach and flattened the huts of the village. Sangreta saw the concrete walls of her own hut collapse before the terrible weight and force of the water. The destruction of the hut meant one thing to Sangreta. It meant her son had died inside. She fell to the ground weeping, her heart broken with grief for her boy whom she loved.

Sangreta had been forced to make an agonizing choice between the children she would carry to safety. God, too, made an agonizing decision so that sinners might be carried to safety. The Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the world. In love to a perishing world, God the Father sent the Lord Jesus down to this earth where he would suffer, bleed, and die on the cross, so sinners might be saved.

The Lord Jesus knew, if he didnt become the sin-bearer and go through the agony of the cross, no one would ever make it to heaven. The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus, the spotless Lamb of God, was willing to give his life so all who afterwards believe on him might not have to pay the fearful penalty of sin.

Hear his agonizing cry from the cross, My God, My God why hast thou forsaken me? He was forsaken so that sinners might be forgiven and find a place of safety. For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God. Can you turn away from the loving Savior who died for you? Surely there is no other way to be saved but through faith in Him.

An Agonizing Choice 4

Sangreta was crushed with grief, but the story of her family had a happy ending. The family dog had followed the boy into the hut. Somehow the dog understood the danger of staying in the hut. When the boy was settling down to stay, the dog started to nip at him and to pull his clothes. The boy couldnt resist the dogs effort to make him leave, so he ran out of the house. The dog snapped at his heels like he was shepherding the boy. Together they ran up a different path to the top of the hill. When the wave hit, the boy was high enough on the hill so that only his feet and legs got wet.

His mothers sorrow was turned to joy when she discovered her oldest son alive on the hill. She ran to him and hugged him close to her heart in a tight embrace. The boy told her the dog had nipped at his feet and legs, till he ran out of the hut and up the hill. Sangreta was overjoyed the dog had saved her young sons life.

The dog guided the little boy to the safety of the hill. What will God use to guide you to the safety of the Saviors side? Will it be a troubled conscience because of sin ? If you knew how God hates sin, your conscience would not give you a moments rest until you come to Christ. Or perhaps it will be a Bible text you cant get out of your mind. Or maybe the emptiness of your selfish life will turn you to the Savior.

God uses many things to lead people to repentance and faith. Perhaps everyone who comes to the Savior will have a different story. However, one thing is for certain; there is no other person to whom you can turn who can deliver you from the judgment your sins deserve. Wont you come to the Lord Jesus Christ before it is forever to late, and receive the salvation he so freely offers?