1 High Stakes Gambling

Lately I have been struck by the fact of the great number of people involved in high stakes gambling. This tendency to indulge in high stakes gambling isnt limited to a single class of people but includes men and women from every income bracket and every station in life. They seem perfectly willing to place their entire existence, yea even their entire futures at risk on a mad gamble.

Their willingness to get involved in high stakes gambling is due in a large part to the person who is promoting and overseeing the large scale gambling venture. He is an incredibly gifted scam artist without a shred of honesty or integrity. He is at the absolute pinnacle of his profession. As far as an ability to fool people is concerned, he is utterly without rival. Here is the craziest thing about the game he runs nobody but him ever wins. Yet he has people so convinced that they can make it rich that they rush to place their bets with him. They go lightheartedly to play the game but when they loose, as they without exception do, they leave not only broke but broken.

High Stakes Gambling 2

You see these people arent just betting their paychecks they receive at the end of the month, nor all their savings and assets. These would be but trifles compared to what they have placed on the table. No they are betting their never-dying souls. They are gambling that they will be just fine at death if they ignore the claims the Lord Jesus Christ, Gods Son, has over their lives.

The crooked dealer who gets men to gamble with their souls is Satan, the Master-Cheat of the universe. He is master at every ruse to get men to disbelieve that Jesus Christ is the one and only Son of God. He knows that if a soul dies in a state of unbelief that they will spend eternity with him in hell. In his malicious heart he wants as many as possible to join him in that eternal place of suffering called hell. The saying, misery likes company, is never truer than when spoken of Satan.

Listen! Dont gamble with your soul! If you go on and never give the Lord Jesus Christ the rightful place in your life, you are certainly gambling. Unless ye believe in me, the Lord Jesus said, ye shall die in your sins. To die in your sins means that you will be sent away to the dark prison house of hell to be punished for all eternity. These shall go away into everlasting punishment, are the sad words that will be spoken about all those who die without the Savior. What a high stakes game you are playing if you are living without a saving faith in Jesus Christ!