3 Lost in the Fog

The Sun of righteousness is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. His righteousness shines infinitely brighter than any other person who has ever lived. In the gospels you can read the story of his perfect life in the midst of all sorts of evil. His perfect devotedness to others even led him to the cross where he gave his life as a sacrifice for sinners.

The healing in his wings is what sinners need more desperately than anything else. His healing for our hearts begins the moment when we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior and receive the forgiveness of sins. This healing continues throughout this life as we walk close to the Savior. When we reach heaven, our hearts are completely healed. We will never again experience a thought or wish unholy. How great will be our joy when our hearts are completely healed and we can enjoy the presence of the Lord Jesus. We can know this joy while on earth in some measure, but in heaven we will know it in a wonderful fullness. The Lord Jesus heals the heart, and it is a healing that no one should go without. Like rust to a car, moths to cloth, or rot to timber, sin has a way of destroying the heart. Because we are all sinners, we desperately need the healing Jesus Christ alone brings.

The fog of unbelief is so thick that men dont see how God is near to them. They dont see that it is God who made them, who has provided and cared for them every moment of their lives, and who now even at this very second is the one who gives them the breath to keep them alive. He giveth to all, life, breath and all things. (Acts 17:25)

Because of their unbelief they feel their lives are a closed system where God has nothing to do with them. However, nothing could be further from the truth. God dearly loves every human being. He desires that each one will share in his goodness for time and eternity. He has made a way for all persons to be saved from the guilt and power of sin. In grace he sent his Son into the world to die and wash away our sins. The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. (1 John 1:7). The blood shed on the cross washes our sins away when we believe so that we can be accounted righteous and stand justified before him.

Lost in the Fog 4

People dont recognize that God is working in their lives, and they think that guilt is merely a psychological feeling that arises in their hearts and goes no further. But guilt is real and goes much further. It goes all the way up to God, the supreme Judge of all. God is going to hold each member of the human race accountable for his or her sins. These sins may be done secretly in the dark, or they may be done openly before men. They may be considered disgusting sins, or they may be considered normal behavior by society at large. But, God knows them all and will bring man into judgment for each one. So then every one of us shall give account of himself before God. (Romans 12:12)

The gospel declares what God has done in the Day of Grace so that we might not have to face him in the Day of Judgment. There is no other way to escape the guilt of our sins but to come to the Savior and have those sins washed away in His blood that was shed at Calvary. If we do not come to the Lord Jesus Christ for cleansing, the guilt of our sins will prevent us forever from entering into heaven, and bring us to the place of endless suffering called hell. It is not Gods wish that anyone perish in hell but rather that all should come to repentance and faith in his Son. God deserves eternal praises for all he has done so that sinners might be saved.

Dont let the fog bank of unbelief that enwraps so many in the world keep you from coming to the Savior. God loves you and did all that was necessary to remove the guilt of your sins forever. No matter what kind of miserable things you did to others or to yourself in the past, you are entitled to have peace of heart, if you come to the Savior, because he bore your sins at the cross. If you have been wandering lost in the fog bank of unbelief, it is not too late to change. You may call out to God for help. Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans10:13)

O that your eyes might be open to see His wonderful grace and prompt you to receive the salvation which is in Jesus Christ alone.