1 Over the Niagara Falls

Kirk Jones goes over the Niagara Falls

What a dangerous stunt! On October 11, 2003, Kirk Jones, at the ripe old age of 40 became the first man known to have plunged over Niagara falls without assistance of any kind and live. Others did the feat enclosed in barrels, and in 1960, a boy who accidentally fell off a boat survived the falls wearing a lifejacket, but this man was the first to do it with only the clothes he was wearing. When sightseers at the stations above the falls saw him jump into the water and float over the waterfall, they thought he was attempting suicide. It wasnt a suicide attempt. It was a man carrying out a stunt that he had contemplated for years. Headfirst over the falls he rushed along with over 150,000 gallons of water a second. Down fifty-five meters he fell to the water and rocks beneath. Incredibly Kirk Jones survived the plunge with only minor injuries.

So should such a stunt be admired or despised? Most people without hesitation would despise it as madness. They would never consider committing such a rash act themselves. But there is another plunge that every man and woman will have to take, and it is pure insanity to take it without the Savior. The plunge I am referring to the fearful plunge from this life into eternity that happens at death.

Like being carried over a great waterfall with irresistible force those who die without faith in Christ will be plunged into the depths of a lost eternity. They will spend eternity in the dark, miserable regions of hell. Christ-less they remained in this life never having come to repentance and faith, so Christ-less they shall remain for all eternity. Oh, they will see him on the Great White Throne of Judgment when all the wicked dead who ever lived are gathered together, but it will only be to hear him announce their final sentence before they are sent away to the Lake of Fire.

Over the Niagara Falls 2

It is insanity and foolishness of the worst kind to live without Jesus Christ, the Savior of sinners, because it is only through him that any of us can ever hope to be saved. Many who reject the gospel message look on their rejection of Gods grace as an act of courage. They feel they neednt be afraid of death. They feel they can face what happens at death, and thereafter, bravely.

Listen such courage is not a virtue it is madness!

Christ rose from the grave! He was seen of many after his resurrection! He did miracles through the Holy Spirit that should confirm the truth of his message to every rational soul. He spoke as no other man ever did. He said all those who would believe on him would be saved, while all those who reject the gospel message would be lost. It is not courage that flies in the face of all this, and rejects his message. It is madness and the height of foolishness!

Before you fall from the height of this foolishness into the abyss of hell, stop, and get out of the current that is pulling you over the brink. Stop, and take Christ as your Savior. Bend the heart and knee to him in this life. He is supremely worthy of your trust as well as the trust of every other human being. He even now waits to see what you will do with his invitation to be saved. He will save you the moment you trust in him and take you out of all danger. The blood that was shed at Calvarys cross has the power to wash the vilest sinner clean and make that person fit for heaven.

Only Kirk Jones survived the plunge over the falls. No one who ever has passed out of this world without the Savior has ever escaped hell.

It is not courage to live without a saving faith in Jesus Christ but irrational. End such rashness at once and come to the Savior. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. (Acts 16.31) Trust the Savior and that horrible burden of sin that would have eventually sunk you to hell will be washed away. How glad you will be to get rid of it. And your gladness will increase a thousand-fold when in a future moment you get to heaven and see the Lord Jesus Christ, not as a Judge on the Great White Throne from whom heaven and earth would flee away, but as the one who in love for your soul gave himself to die at Calvarys cross so that he could forgive you of your sins. Yea, trust him!