3 A Story of an Orphaned Orca

Springer spent a month in the pen growing stronger all the time. At last the whale experts reckoned she was healthy enough to make the long journey. Men in wet suits jumped into the water and guided her into a type of sling. Then Springer was hoisted onto the deck of a waiting boat and placed in a box of water. The fast traveling boat carried the whale the long miles from Puget Sound to Johnstone Strait in Canada. The trip took over fourteen hours. Crewmembers were very careful constantly to  moisten Springer’s skin with salt water for the entire trip.

At Johnstone Strait, Springer was lowered into another spacious pen. A local group of Native Americans had placed salmon in the pen so Springer would have a nice meal awaiting for her when she arrived. Springer was only there a few days when she heard the calling sound of the her own pod of whales. She became so excited that she “spy hopped”, or leapt out of the water and sounded back loudly. The pod of whales was curious and drew closer.

The scientists in charge figured that if ever there was going to be a good time to release Springer it was now. Would Springer find acceptance? There was only one way to find out. They opened the gate and the baby orca swam swiftly out.

A Story of an Orphaned Orca 4

For a few days the matter was in doubt. Springer seemed to follow the group of orcas from a distance. Sometimes when she would see a boat she would remember the kindness shown to her by human beings and follow it instead. Then everything changed for the better. A mature female orca without a calf of her own seemed to adopt Springer. They were seen swimming together and on one occasion the female appeared to be scolding Springer when she approached too close to a boat.

Everybody was happy when they saw that Springer was accepted by the extended family of whales and a mother whale was looking out for her. She will likely grow up to be a wild orca swimming with her pod along the Pacific Coast. This is exactly the life that God made for orcas.

God didn’t make you to be spiritual orphan either. He made you that you might know and enjoy his love. In order for you to be adopted by God you must believe on the Lord Jesus and come to God the Father through him. You don’t have to worry about finding acceptance with God. He says of every person who trusts in his Son, that they are, “accepted in the beloved.”(Eph.1:6) Their acceptance is assured because of what the Lord Jesus has done. He is the “beloved”, and every believer is “beloved” because of him.

Did you know that all heaven rejoices when one sinner, old or young, repents and finds a new home in God’s love? “Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.” (Luke15:10) The angels know that it is not God’s will “that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance”.(2 Peter 3:9). Won’t you be one that finds his way home to God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ so that heaven has a reason to rejoice?