Pharos, Lighthouse of Alexandria

Pharos, Lighthouse of Alexandria

From 285 BC until the mid part of the 14th century, Pharos, the greatest lighthouse in the ancient world sent out its beacons far out over the Mediterranean. How welcome must have been the sighting of the lighthouse to mariners of old who traveling along a dangerous coast used it to guide their ships into the safe harbor at Alexandria, Egypt. So impressive was this structure that over the years the name Pharos became the word meaning lighthouse in many languages such as Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.

The structure was a monumental feat in ancient engineering. The tower made of marble blocks stood over 400 feet or forty stories tall. The base of the tower was a large square; the mid-section was an octagon; while the topmost section was built in the shape of a cylinder. Fuel was hauled to the top of the lighthouse through a shaft in the center of the tower. Near the top of this tower a giant bonfire was lit every night. A huge mirror reflected the light from the bonfire and created a beam of light strong enough to be seen by ships over thirty-five miles away.

The lighthouse was so well engineered and constructed that it stood for nearly 1700 years before it was damaged beyond repair by an earthquake.

Pharos, Lighthouse of Alexandria


Did you know Gods Word is like a tall and powerful lighthouse? It sends out its beams into a world made dark by sin and unbelief. Its light can reach into the darkest heart, and give it hope. The entrance of thy words giveth light.(Ps.119.130) It shows sinners how to find the way of salvation by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who gave his life at Calvary. But God commendeth his love towards us that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. (Rom.5.8) He paid the penalty of sin which is death so that all that believe on him might be saved. When sinners obey Gods Word and believe on the Lord Jesus it is as if they enter into the one harbor where they can find safety from sin, death, and judgment to come. Look unto me all the ends of the earth and be ye saved: for I am God and there is none else. (Is.45.22)

If you are out on lifes sea, tossed about by storms, and not knowing in the darkness which way to turn, wont you let light from Gods word direct you to the Savior? Coming to the Lord Jesus you will find life, light and the hope of spending an eternity with him in heaven. Once you come to know him as your Savior he will never cease to guide you. Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory. (Ps.73.24)

However, if you chose to continue to live as if you dont need the Lord Jesus, at sometime in the future, you will sadly perish into the outer darkness of hell. No light shines in that awful place, not even the slightest glimmer. Dont pass the Savior by. You need him very much, more than you could possibly need anything else.

Pharos far surpassed other buildings in height, greatness, and excellence of construction. In time it became known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world. The Lord Jesus is wonderful too. Because he is full of surpassing glory he is even given the name of Wonderful. Unto us a child is born and a Son is given and the government shall be on his shoulders, and his name shall be called Wonderful (Is.9.6) It is wonderful that he came into this world seeking for sinners. It is wonderful he gave his life on Calvarys cross and completed a work so all who believe might be saved. It is wonderful he arose from the grave, victorious over sin, death, and Satan. And it is wonderful he lives forevermore . His name is Wonderful, and wonderful describes everything he does. Wont you believe on him that you might have life in his name?