1 The Glassy Surface of Lake Sutherland

The loud whirring noise of a single engine plane broke the silence over the mountains surrounding Lake Sutherland. Looking up from the lakeside, someone might have seen a small, dull orange, float plane against a winter blue sky flying just above a ragged ridge of mountain peaks. Instead of wheels the plane had long kayak like floats attached under it so it could land on water. Not a breath of wind disturbed the sky.

After passing over the Lake once to make sure the way was clear for landing, the pilot turned the plane in a tight half circle, and pointed its nose downward to begin its long descent to the surface of the lake. Lower than the mountaintops, lower than the timbered hillsides, lower than the treetops lining the lakeside, the pilot flew. When he was a little bit above the water he should have leveled his flight off and then gone skimming across the surface. Instead the nose of the plane continued to point downward. WHAM! It slammed into the water. A tall plume of water splashed high into the air. The force of the impact broke off the wings of the plane and turned it into a mangled mess. The pilot and his companion in the cockpit were thrown violently forward only to be saved from severe injury by their seatbelts. The collision with the water had taken them by complete surprise. After they recovered from the initial shock, they undid their seatbelts, and pushed hard against the jammed door. Once the door opened, the men dove out into the chilly water.

The Glassy Surface of Lake Sutherland 2

A fellow who lived in a lakeside cottage saw the entire accident and knew help was needed. He launched his canoe and paddled out to the damaged plane. He was able to bring the two men to safety. They were bruised and badly shaken, but the plane was completely destroyed. Later a motorboat towed the wrecked plane to shore. 

Evidently, the surface of the lake was so glassy smooth and mirror like that the pilot misjudged his height during the attempted landing and crashed. Many people are misjudging the distance they are from eternity, and therefore never coming to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. The two men in the plane were traveling towards the lake the day of their accident, and each of us without exception are also traveling towards eternity. It will either be an eternity with the Lord Jesus in heaven, or an eternity spent apart from him in the darkness of hell. You might like to think eternity is far off, but it is not. At the most, eternity is only so many heartbeats away from any of us. 

Unless by the grace of God we are saved we shall never enter into heaven because of sin. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. To rescue us from sin God sent his Son to die on the cross. God commendeth his love towards us that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. The blood the Lord Jesus shed on the cross can wash the vilest of sinners clean and make them fit for heaven. The blood of Jesus Christ, Gods Son, cleanseth us from all sin. 

Ever since the Lord Jesus died and rose again, God has been sending the good news of a free salvation to all the world. Listen to the good news in this verse, Whosoever believeth in him (the Lord Jesus Christ) should not perish but have everlasting life. To everyone who believes the gospel message and turns away from their sins, It is Gods good pleasure to give to everyone who believes the gospel message and turns away from their sins the gift of eternal life. Have you received the gift of eternal life offered through the Lord? Not until you do so will you ever get off the broad road leading to eternal destruction. 

Wont you realize how close you are to eternity, and that because of sin you need the Lord Jesus very much? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.