a day and a night (i.e. "O Allah, I take Your refuge from that I should ascribe anything as partner in Your worship, and I am conscious of that, and I beg Your pardon for that sin which I am not aware of."



"Kufr" is basically disbelief in any of the Articles of Faith in Islam.

The Articles of Faith. To believe in:

(1) Allah,
(2) His Angels,
(3) His Apostles,
(4) His Revealed Books,
(5) the Day of Resurrection, and
(6) Fate (i.e. whatever Allah has ordained must come. to pass).

There are two aspects of Disbelief:

1. The Major Disbelief. This aspect excludes one completely from the fold of Islam. There are five types (of this Major Disbelief):

(a) "Al-Kufr-al-Takdhieb". This implies disbelieving the Divine Truth or denial of any of the Articles of Faith.

Almighty Allah says:

"Then who does more wrong than one who utters a lie against Allah and denies the Truth (the Qur'an) when it comes to him. Is there not in Hell an abode for the disbelievers?" Holy Qur'an (39:32).

(b) "Al-Kufr-al-Aba was-Stakbara ma'at-Tasdeeq". This implies rejection and pride to bow to Allah's Commandments after conviction of their truth.

Almighty Allah says:

"And (remember) when We said to the angels: Prostrate yourself before Adam, and they prostrated save Iblis; he refused and was proud and was one to the disbelievers, (disobedient to Allah)." (Holy Qur'an 2:34).

(c) "Al-Kufr-ash-Shak we Az-Zan." This implies doubting or lacking of conviction in the six Articles of Faith.