their efforts. As in His statement; "So when you meet those who disbelieve (in fight) smite at their necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them, then bind a bond (take them as captives) firmly (on them). Thereafter (is the time for) either generosity i.e. free them without ransom or ransom (according to what benefits Islam), until the war lays down its burdens. This (are you commanded) but if it had been Allah's will He Himself could certainly have punished them (without you). But (He lets you fight) in order to test you, some with others. But those who are killed in the way of Allah, He will never let their deeds be lost" . . . (47:41)

He will guide them and improve their conditions, (47:5) And admit them to Paradise which He has made known to them (i.e. they will know their places in Paradise more than they know their homes in this world) (47:6).

Then after that He made (Jihad) "fighting" obligatory against all those who fight you (Muslims), so He said: And fight in the way of Allah those who fight you . . (2:190)

Then Allah revealed in Sura Bara'at (Repentance, IX) the order to discard (all) the obligations (covenants, etc.) and commanded the Muslims to fight against all the pagans as well as against the people of the scriptures (Jews and Christians) if they do not embrace Islam, till they pay the Jizya (A tax levied on the Jews and Christians who do not embrace Islam and are under the protection of an Islamic government) with willing submission and feel themselves subdued (as it is revealed in the verse 9:29). So they (Muslims) were not permitted to abandon "the fighting" against them (Pagans, Jews and Christians) and to reconcile with them and to suspend hostilities against them for an unlimited period while they are strong and have the possibility of fighting against them.

So at first "the fighting" was forbidden, then it was permitted and after that it was made obligatory (1) against those who start "the fighting" against you (Muslims) . . . (2) And against all those who worship others along with Allah . . . as mentioned in Sura Al-Baqra (II), Al'Imran (III), and Bara'at (IX) . . . and other Suras (Chapters of the Qur'an).

Allah made "the fighting" (Jihad) obligatory for the Muslims and gave importance to the subject matter of Jihad in all the Suras (chapters of the Qur'an) which were revealed (at Medina) as it is in Allah's statement: "March forth whether you are light (being healthy, young and wealthy) or heavy (being ill old and poor) and strive hard with your wealth and your lives in the cause of Allah That is better for you if you (but) knew." (9:41).

And He said: Muslim holy war (Jihad) is ordained for you (Muslims) and you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know. (2:216).