1 Escher in a Reflecting Sphere
Hand with a Reflecting Sphere

In 1935, M. C. Escher, an artist known for his flawless techniques in print making created the above mesoprint entitled Hand with a Reflecting Sphere. The print is a self-portrait of the artist holding a ball-shaped mirror at arms length. The artists face is exactly in the center of the sphere, and the interior of the room with all its furniture is in the background.

Escher in a Reflecting Sphere 2

A remarkable quality about the self-portrait in the spherical mirror is that no matter where the mirror might have been placed in relation to the artist, the eyes of the artist will always be in the dead center of the mirror.

Whether he had held the ball inches away or an arms length away, at eye level, shoulder level or above his head, it would have made no difference.  There is really no escaping the phenomenon of always being at the dead center of a spherical mirror when looking into it.

Just as there is no escaping the phenomenon of being at the center of a spherical mirror for who ever is looking into it, so there is no escaping the truth that every individual is at the center of Gods attention. Whether you are upright or wretched, atheist or theist, small or great in the eyes of others, you are, as an individual, at the center of Gods attention. Someone from a long time ago once said, the nature of God is a circle whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere. The saying describes how God looks on the world and individuals in particular. He knows everything about you, sees all you do, and knows your every undertaking. He knows all this as if nothing else beside you ever existed, and all his infinite power was directed toward you alone.

As men, we posses the limited ability to concentrate on a few objects at a time. But God is infinite, and not limited by time or space. Therefore he knows all things, at all times, and in a perfect way. There is no place where you may hide from his sight. You cannot disappear into a crowd. No darkness is thick enough to block out his vision, nor is there any destination you can travel to escape his presence.