Here are listed only the words occurring in the First and Second Volume.
'Ad : An ancient tribe that lived after Noah. It was prosperous but naughty and disobedient to Allah, so Allah destroyed it with violent destructive westerly winds.
Adhan : The call to prayer pronounced loudly to indicate that the time of praying is due.
Adhkhar or Idhkhir : A kind of grass well-known for its good smell and is found in Hijaz, Saudi 'Arabia.
Ahkam : "Orders". According to Islamic Law, there are five kinds of orders:

(1) Compulsory (Wajib و اجب ).
(2) Order without obligation (Mustahab مستحب ).
(3) Forbidden (Moharram ).
(4) Disliked but not forbidden (Makruh).
(5) Legal and allowed (Halal ).

Allahu Akbar : Allah is greater
Al-Aqiq : A valley in Medina about seven kilometers west of Medina.
Amin : O Allah, accept our invocation.
'Amma ba'du : An expression used for separating an introductory from the main topics in a speech; the introductory being usually concerned with Allah's praises and glorification. Literally it means "Whatever comes after."
Ansari : (Plural: Ansar) Anyone of the companions of the Prophet from the inhabitants of Medina who embraced and supported Islam and who received and entertained the Muslim emigrants who had emigrated from Mecca, and other places.
'Anza : A spear-headed stick.
'Aqra Halqa : Is just an exclamatory expression, the literal meaning of which is not meant here. It expresses disapproval.
Arak : A tree from which Siwak is made.
'Arafat : A famous place of pilgrimage on the East of Mecca about twenty-five kilo-metres from it.