whoso saw his beard became a combatant for the religion of God; whoso saw his neck became a merchant; whoso saw both his arms became a spear-maker and a sword-manufacturer; whoso saw his right arm became a surgeon; whoso saw his left arm became an ignoramus; whoso saw the hollow of his right hand became a banker and an embroiderer; whoso saw the hollow of his left hand became a corn-measurer; whoso saw both his hands became liberal; whoso saw the back of his hollow hands became a miser; whoso saw the back of his right hand became a dyer; whoso saw the tips of his fingers became a writer; whoso saw the back of the fingers of his right hand became a tailor; whoso saw the back of the fingers of his left hand became a blacksmith; whoso saw his chest became learned, generous, and diligent; whoso saw his back became humble and obedient to the ordinances of the law; whoso saw his sides became a warrior; whoso saw his stomach became content and frugal; whoso saw his knees became a kneeler and worshipper; whoso saw his legs became a hunter; whoso saw the soles of his feet became a walker; whoso saw his shadow became a singer and player; whoso saw nothing became a Jew, a Christian, an infidel, and magician; and whoso not even looked at him became an infidel arrogating to himself divinity, such as Pharaoh and other similar infidels.

'Be it also known that God has created man after the form of the name of Mohammed (محمد) namely, the head round like the first M (م) , the arms like the h (ح), the stomach like the medial m (م), and the legs like the d (د). Of the infidels, however, He creates none after this form, but changes them after the form of swine.'

(2.) Mohammed's Genealogy is traced through Abraham to Adam, just as that of Jesus Christ.

a. See Matt. i. 1-16, and Luke iii. 23-38.

b. The oldest extant biography of Mohammed, compiled by Mohammed Ibn Ishak, and edited by Abu Mohammed Abd el Malik Ibn Hisham, opens thus:— This book contains the life of the Apostle of God: Mohammed was the


son of Abd Allah, son of Abdu-l-Mottaleb, son of Hashim, son of Abd Menaf, son of Kussei, son of Kilab, son of Murra, son of Kaab, son of Luei, son of Ghalib, son of Fihr, son of Malik, son of Nadhr, son of Kinana, son of Khuzeima, son of Mudrika, son of Alya, son of Mudhar, son of Nizar, son of Maad, son of Adrian, son of Udd, son of Mukawwam, son of Nahor, son of Teira, son of Yarub, son of Yashyub, son of Nabit, son of Ishmael, son of Abraham, the Friend of God,1 son of Tara, son of Nahor, son of Sarukh, son of Rau, son of Falih, son of Eiber, son of Shalih, son of Arphakhsad, son of Shem, son of Noah, son of Lamek, son of Metushalakh, son of Khanukh, — who, as is believed, was the prophet Idris, the first prophet, and the first who wrote with the reed, — son of Yared, son of Mahaleel, son of Kainanan, son of Yanish, son of Sheth, son of Adam, to whom may God be Gracious!'

(3.) As the angel Gabriel announced the Conception of Jesus by the Virgin Mary, so he also announced that of Mohammed, and the latter to 'everyplace on the face of the earth.'

a. 'The angel Gabriel was sent from God to a virgin, . . . and said unto her, Fear not, Mary; for thou hast found favour with God. And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son,' etc. (Luke i. 26-38.)

b. In the Rawzat we read: 'The biographers have recorded that the Light of Mohammed was transferred from Abd Allah to Amina in the days of the pilgrimage, in the middle of the three days following the feast of sacrifices, which by one account was a Friday night. In that night God commanded the treasurer of Paradise to open the gates of Paradise, in honour of the Light of Mohammed, which then took its abode in Amina's body. The angels of heaven also rejoiced and were glad; and the angel Gabriel descended to the earth, bringing Mohammed's green standard with him,
1 It will be observed that the genealogy from Abraham, Ishmael's father, up to Adam is identical with Luke iii. 34-38, with the only exception that the Cainan of ver. 36 is omitted, evidently from the reason that there is another Cainan in ver. 37.