1 Payment With A Million Dollar Bill

A young lady piled a load of expensive electronic equipment into a shopping cart and pushed it up to a cashiers booth of a major department store. At first she attempted to pay for it using a credit card. When the stores computer rejected her plastic credit card, she searched in her purse, and brought out a million dollar bill. The cashier looked at it for a moment. It looked like genuine U.S. currency. It even had the feel of real cash money. However, the cashier was naturally suspicious. The store manager was called, and at once he contacted the police. They came a short while later; and, after a brief investigation, they arrested the lady for trying to pass counterfeit money.

Payment With A Million Dollar Bill 2

To the cashier, it seemed too good to be true that a shopper whose credit card had been just rejected should have a million dollar bill in her purse. The cashier was absolutely right. The million dollar bill was counterfeit currency. Most of us have learned that, when a person makes an offer too good to be true, we should be on our guard. Such offers are usually an attempt to swindle us.

Although, sometimes men seek to take advantage of us, God never does. He is making an incredible offer of grace to you. The offer is so great that it seems too good to be true. He is offering the gift of eternal life to all who will simply place their faith in his Son. The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

We live in this world, and we are so used to dealing with other human beings who, just like us, are full of shortcomings, such as deceit and selfishness, that we naturally tend to be suspicious. We fail to recognize that God is far different from us. He has no shortcomings. He is the Being par excellence. He is perfect in knowledge, goodness, truth, and love. God is light and in him is no darkness at all.