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The purpose of the 'Gospel' section is to provide answers regarding the Injil of Jesus Christ.

Demons and Monotheism shows that Shaitan and all the infernal demons believe in pure monotheism and the oneness of Allah. 
Disciplined by Grace by John F. Strombeck presents God's grace and love as the basis and motivation for godly living.
Original Sin shows that no one will be judged for Adam's sins at the Last Judgment.  Only the individual sins of each person are the basis of Allah's just and holy judgment.
Way of Cain shows the similarity between the religion of Muhammad and the ancient religion of Cain.
Safety, Certainty, and Enjoyment presents the assurance of the Savior's eternal salvation.
So Great Salvation by John F. Strombeck presents the greatness of salvation that is by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ showing that salvation is by grace alone apart from human works.
Такое Важное ‎Спасение by Дж. Ф. Стромбек. It is a translation of the book entitled, So Great Salvation, by John F. Strombeck. It presents the greatness of salvation that is by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ showing that salvation is by grace alone apart from human works.
The Way of the Seven Fold Secret by I. Lillas Trotter presents the gospel of God's grace contextualized for Muslim Sufis.

Gospel Stories

Afraid of Strangers‎ is a story about Brennan Hawkins, an eleven year old boy, who was rescued by a stranger.
An Agonizing Choice is a story of a mother's agonizing choice while fleeing up a hill from the on-coming tsunami.
Arctic Rescue is a story about the need to be rescued.
Attitude Determines Altitude is a story about the proper attitude to reach heaven.
A Baby Orca Is Missing is a about the joy of the scientists when a missing baby orca whale returns to its pod.
Ben Nevis is a story about safety directions and the tallest mountain in Great Britain.
Blind Landing is a story about a Russian airplane that crashed because the pilot had too much self-confidence in his own capabilities.
Boat Overturned on Hood's Canal is a story of one person who survived and another person who drowned during a boat accident on Hood's Canal.
Close Encounter With A Cougar tells a story about a man's encounter with a stalking mountain lion.
Corporate Fraud discusses accounting fraud and the need for integrity.
Dangling From a Drawbridge is a story that tell the tail of a Florida woman who gets caught in the middle of a Drawbridge as it begins to rise.
Demise of Galloping Gertie tells the story of the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
Diamond in the Sand tells a story about a poor man's discovery of a 182 carat diamond.
M. C. Escher in a Reflecting Sphere discusses the spiritual lessons of Esher's “Hand with a Reflecting Sphere” self-portrait.
Faint Call Over The Water is about the rescue of two fishermen near Neah Bay.
Fifty Million in the Dark is about blackout in Eastern Canada and the USA caused by electric grid failure.
Freedom is Not Free reminds us that freedom from sin costs the death of the Savior upon Calvary's cross.
Glassy Surface of Lake Sutherland tells about a plane crash on Lake Sutherland and how close two men were to losing there lives.
Graving Yard in Port Angeles An ancient graveyard found in Port Angeles should not be ignored much the same that the tomb of our savior Jesus Christ found empty should not be ignored either.
Greatest Artist Ever tells us who the greatest Artist really is.
Grief over the Tsunami warn us of an eternal hell that awaits sinners as their final destination. 
High Stakes Gambling is about Satan enticing people to gamble their eternal souls away for the temporary pleasures of this life.
Hilary's Testimony is about Hilary's moral and spirit struggles and the victory found in Jesus.
Jason Hoskey’s 18 Million Dollar Hunting Trip is about the high price Jason Hoskey paid for a hunting trip and the mercy and forgiveness Jesus has shown us by paying the price for our sins.
Kalaloch’s Dangerous Riptides warns about dangerous currents.
Katrina: Who is to Blame? warns about blame and responsibility.
Leonardo and the King of France is about Leonardo Da Vinci's death.
Lost in the Fog is about a rescue of people lost in the fog on the Pacific Ocean.
Lost Stradivarius is about a Stradivarius that almost was thrown into a landfill.
Love Conquered All is about the role of love in surviving a tsunami in Thailand.
Luna of Nootka Sound is about a killer whale in Nootka Sound, Canada.
Luna: The Killer Whale is about a killer whale in Nootka Sound who was accidentally killed. PDF file.
Many Waters Cannot Quench Love is a story of Paul ‎‎Doumit who lost his life at Long Beach while rescuing his son's life from the ocean.
Matchless Pearl is a story of an old pearl diver who learns that Allah's salvation is by grace alone.
Misunderstood Message is a story about a Russian couple's ocean sailing trip.
Mount Angeles is a story of a person who took the wrong pathway.
New Carissa is a story about a ship wreck on the Oregon coast.
Night the Bridge Blew Down Tells the story of a trucker who nearly lost his life on a wind swept bridge.
Olympic Mountain Rescue is a story of young couple who drove their SUV up the winding road to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park to snow ski.
Orphaned Orca is a story of Boo, an Orca whale, who was rescued.
Over The Niagara Falls tells about Kirk Jones' plunge over Niagara Falls.
Payment With A Million Dollar Bill tells about a counterfeit million dollar bill.
Pharos, Lighthouse of Alexandria is about the famous Egyptian lighthouse.
Rare Find is a story of an Australian farmer who found a rare gold nugget.
Rescue on the Elwha River is about a rescue of a kayaker on the Elwha River.  PDF file.
Rescue in the North Pacific is a story of a jet pilot who was rescued from the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. 
Rescue On A Washington State Ferry is a story of a dog that fell into the water from a ferry and was rescued by its owner.
Richest Man in the Valley is a story of a wealthy Norwegian farmer who learns about true riches.
Search on Staircase Trail is a story of Gilbert Gilman, ex-army-paratrooper, who was lost on the Staircase Trail in the Olympic Mountains.
Shark Attack! is a story about a surfer who learns that death can come unexpectedly.
Shep is a story about a sheep dog whose faithfulness and love to his master is a lesson to us all.
Sinking of the Queen of the North Ferry recounts the sinking of the Queen of the North ferry off the Western coast of Canada.
Stand Where the Fire Has Been tells about a avoiding death in a forest fire.
Swept out to Sea is a story of Greg Hartley who was swept out to sea while scuba diving in the Queen Charlotte Strait.
Taj Mahal: Monument to Eternal Love Because of building’s beauty and Shah Jahan’s heartfelt affection for his wife, a poet described the Taj Mahal as a “Monument to Eternal Love.” It is used as an illustration of God's eternal love.
Taki Too at Tillamook Bay tells the account of tragic fishing accident.
Tay Bridge Disaster is the story of the collapse of the Tay Bridge while a train was crossing over it.
This is not your rest relates pollution to the pollution that hinders us from seeing the evidence of a Creator God.
Three Dams tells about a dramatic rescue on the Catawba River.
Tickets To Paradise tells about a scam for air travel to Hawaii.
Trapped in a Dark Well a young Romanian girl is saved from a well.
Trapped in a Shark Tank on On August 8, 2002 visitors fall into a shark tank in New Orleans.
Two Parallel Scenes presents a contrast between a forest fire's devastation and when it is renewed to beauty.
Vital Imaging can show heart disease even when a person appears to be healthy.
Warning Signs for a B.C. Beach‎ gives an account of a person who was swept out to sea near Port Renfrew.
We Will Wait…‎ gives an account of the sinking of the Princess Sophia ship with over three ‎hundred passengers on board.
When Drought Comes, Then Comes the Fire tells about the famous Montana fires in 1910 and draws a vital lesson for us.
Winners or Losers a businessman's three ways to tell a winner that forgets our eternal destiny.

Arabic Gospel Stories

كنتُ عضواً فى جماعـة التكفيـر والهجـرة..!
لمـاذا صـرتُ مَسيحيّـاً ؟
لؤلؤة منقطعة النظير
إنقاذ في القطب الشمالي
شهادة هيلاري
رسالة أُسيءَ فهمُها
جبل أنجيليس
أغنى رجل في المنطقة
هجوم سمك القرش

الشياطين وَوِحْدَة الله

Arabic Christian Literature

نور للنفوس الحائرة.
الأمــان والـيقـيـن والـبهـجـة
طمأنينة ... إلى الأبد

محاضرات على الرسالة إلى رومية

Russian Gospel Stories

Бесценная жемчужинаThe Matchless Pearl.
Спасение полярниковArctic Rescue.
Бен НевисBen Nevis.
Лодка перевернулась в проливе ХудаBoat Overturned On Hood's Canal.
Посадка вслепуюBlind Landing.
Рассказ о касатке–сироткеBoo, an Orca whale, who was rescued.
Встреча с пумой — Close Encounter With A Cougar.
Алмаз в песке — Diamond in the Sand.
Слабый крик над водой — Faint Call Over The Water.
Пятьдесят миллионов человек во тьмеFifty Million in the Dark.
Свобода не бесплатнаFreedom is Not Free.
Свидетельство Хилари‎Hilary's Testimony.
Коварные приливы КэлалокаKalaloch’s Dangerous Riptides.
Леонардо и король ФранцииLeonardo and the King of France.
Потерянный СтрадивариThe Lost Stradivarius.
Луна с отмели НуткаLuna of Nootka Sound.
Многие воды не могут погасить любовь‎Many Waters Cannot Quench Love
Непонятое послание‎‎Misunderstood Message‎
Гора Анджелес‎Mount Angeles
«Новая Карисса»‎New Carissa
Над Ниагарским водопадом‎Over the Niagara Falls
Редкая находкаA Rare Find.
Случай на пароме в штате ВашингтонRescue On A Washington State Ferry.
Спасение в Тихом океанеRescue in the North Pacific.
Самый богатый человек в долинеRichest Man in the Valley
Акулы!Shark Attack!
«Тадж Махал»: Памятник вечной любвиTaj Mahal: Monument to Eternal Love
«Таки-Ту» в заливе ТиламукThe Taki Too at Tillamook Bay
Три преградыThree Dams
В ловушке с акуламиTrapped in a Shark Tank.
Заточение в темном колодцеTrapped in a Dark Well.
Сканирование вживуюVital Imaging.
Победители и неудачникиWinners or Losers.

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