1 The Greatest Artist Ever

I would like to tell you who beyond all question is the greatest artist ever. There have ‎been many great artists in the history of the world but the one who I wish to tell you of is ‎far and away the greatest. He is greater than Phidias who was the greatest sculptor in ‎Greeces Golden Age of the Arts. Phidias sculpture adorned great public buildings and ‎he was expert at sculpting human forms out of marble so that the stone almost seems to ‎move and act. He is greater than Leonardo Da Vinci who many agree was the greatest ‎artist of the Renaissance, a period of time when artists rediscovered how to portray space ‎and forms accurately through different techniques involving perspective.‎ Da Vincis painting of Mona Lisa is in all likelihood, the best known painting in the ‎world. He is greater than Rembrandt Van Rijn who was able to capture the essence of his ‎subjects personality on canvass like none before or after him. He is greater than Pablo ‎Picasso, the most successful artist of modern times, who with his abstract art work had a ‎way of awakening thoughts and feelings deep inside people.‎

All these famous artists have only a small bit of the creative power that the greatest artist ‎in the universe possesses. Before I name him to you let me point out to you that since no ‎one was before him all his work is completely original. He is the one that created the ‎human form who Phidias so excellently sculpted into stone. He is the one who created all ‎depth, form and space that Renaissance painters learned to paint. He is the one who put a ‎unique personality into each human heart the personality that Rembrandt so delighted ‎to capture with his brush.

The Greatest Artist Ever 2

Picassos art work might have the ability to get men thinking ‎and feeling but the great artist of whom I wish to tell you is the one who gave men the ‎ability to think and to feel in the first place.

If you havent guessed who he is yet, let me tell you -- it is God. He alone is the ‎Master Artist of the universe. He is the one who brought all the beauty of the stars, the ‎skies, the seas, the sunsets, and everything else into existence. A verse from Ecclesiastes ‎in the Bible reads, He hath made everything beautiful in his time. The beautiful ‎creation we live in began in a moment of time when he spoke a word.‎

You can go to a museum and view the work of great artists, and their work may cause ‎you to marvel that such skill and insight belonged to men. To see the handiwork of god ‎you dont have to go to a museum, all you have to do is open your eyes to the world ‎around you. Glance at your own hand. How marvelously it is made with joints and ‎sinews so that it can open and close it at will. Glance at the night sky with its trillions of ‎stars, at a baby in a cradle, at a dog running across a field, a fish in the sea, a forest, a ‎desert; wherever you look you see the incredible handiwork of the great Creator. ‎