Dangling From a Drawbridge

Seventy-nine year old Ms. Helen Koton was walking into town to buy a few groceries and see some familiar faces. These walks were a source of exercise and daily pleasure to her. She was about midway across a drawbridge that spanned a canal when to her dismay the bridge began opening under her feet. 

With the bridge opening up, she was in a dangerous predicament. In her old age she could no longer move fast enough to escape, and although she yelled no one heard. Within a short time the bridge was so sharply tilted that she was beginning to slide. She did the only thing possible to save herself from severe injury or perhaps even death; she wrapped her arms around the steel railings of the bridge and hung on for dear life. Soon the two halves of the bridge were drawn up to a nearly vertical position and poor Ms. Koton was dangling forty feet up in the air. 

Motorists waiting to cross the bridge spotted the struggling lady and some of them ran and told the bridge operator. He was appalled at the mistake he had made of raising the bridge with a pedestrian on it, and lowered it at once. When the bridge came down, people ran out to see if they could help the lady that had been trapped. They found Ms. Koton all in one piece. She wasnt hurt except for a few bruises and scratches but she was badly shaken up. 

You want to make sure you are not halfway across a drawbridge, but all the way across, before it begins to rise. Thank God, there is a Savior who doesnt get you halfway saved from your sins and then leaves you dangling by your own strength in danger of perishing, but when he saves you, he gets you all the way saved.

At the cross he made the one sacrifice for sins that God will ever accept. The sacrifice made at Calvary has infinite worth and merit before God. Because the death of the Lord Jesus means so much to God he is willing to give all those who believe in the name of his Son the gift of eternal life But these things are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you might have life through his name. 

The moment a sinner sincerely believes on the Lord Jesus all the infinite worth of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross is applied on their account and they are reckoned as righteous. At that moment of faith they are justified freely forever. Therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Salvation, eternal life, righteousness, justification, and peace are all things that we desperately need. We need them because our sins have opened up a great gulf between ourselves and God who is holy. That great gulf will continue for all eternity if we dont come to the Lord Jesus for salvation. 

God in his holiness must see that sin gets its just due. Men and women who have loved darkness and never seen their need of Gods Salvation will be sent away to a terrible hell at death. What a dreadful price they will pay for their pride in rejecting the one who came from heaven to save them. 

No one needs to end up in that doleful place. The Father sent the Son to be Savior of the world. He is such a Savior that he can bring even the vilest of sinners safely to God and heaven if they repent and turn to him in faith. He will never leave anyone dangling in jeopardy of falling into hell if they repent and place their faith in him. 

Because of Christs death on the cross, God can righteously save every believer. When he saves them they are not part way saved but all the way saved. When it comes to salvation, there are no halfway measures with God. Wont you believe on Jesus Christ so that you might be completely, totally, absolutely, all the way, saved?