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The Trinity and At-Tawhid


"You also failed to mention that the word trinity is NOT in Bible and it is a pagan practice adopted. You claim to worship one God but you really believe that there are three but in one. Confusing isn't it? Because it is not true!!!"


It is correct that the word, Trinity, is NOT found in the Bible. Consequently, our Muslim friend wants us to infer that, because the Bible does not use the word Trinity, the doctrine of the Trinity must be false and anti-Biblical. However, our Muslim friend doesn't mention the fact that the word, at-Tawhid (the Unity of God), is NOT found in the Qur'an. Now, according to our Muslim friend's logic, the Islamic doctrine of at-Tawhid must be false and anti-Qur'anic, because the word is not mentioned in the Qur'an.

Next, he implies that the doctrine of the Trinity must have been adopted from pagan sources, since the word is not found in the Bible. Are we to assume that the Islamic view of at-Tawhid is from pagan sources too, because the term is not found in the Qur'an. Perhaps, the Muslim's doctrine of at-Tawhid came from ancient Egyptian sources. One Pharaoh, Akhenaten who reigned from 1379 to 1362 BC, believed in monotheism. He believed there was only one deity, Aten who "was defined as a universal, omnipresent spirit, that not only had created the universe, but also ruled it." See the Encyclopaedia of the Orient for further details.

Finally, our Muslim friend is confused over the idea of three in one. Perhaps, if he had taken the time to read and understand Christian literature on this topic, he would not have been so confused. The article entitled, Category Mistake, deals with our friend's logical fallacy. Is it so confusing to say that one house can have three rooms or that one triangle can have three sides? We aren't encouraged by the fact that, for more than fourteen hundred years, Muslims haven't been able to surpass such fallacious reasoning on the doctrine of the Trinity.

Last edited 03/18/2002

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