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On The Triune Nature of God

Reference: Gibson, Margaret Dunlop (Editor), An Arabic version of the Acts of the Apostles and the seven Catholic epistles, from an eighth or ninth century ms. in the convent of St. Catharine on Mount Sinai; with a treatise, on the Triune nature of God, with translation from the same codex. Studia sinaitica: no. 7, C. J. Clay and sons, London, England, 1899.

Background:  This book presents an ancient Arabic defense of the Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

Note:  The text of the HTML and Zipped files is the same.  The pagination for the HTML and Zipped files corresponds to Margaret Gibson's book. 

Omissions:  Pages 37 to the end of the book were omitted, because those pages were either in Arabic or not related to "On the Triune Nature of God." 

Last edited 06-05-2000

Arabic and Greek Text:  Pages v to x have some Arabic and Greek text on them.  If your web browser does not automatically view these Arabic and Greek characters properly, you may need to configure your web browser.  To configure your browser for Unicode encoding, see the Unicode Information that is available on this web site.

Gif images of the First Two Pages of the Treatise in Arabic:  Page 1 & 2

Additional References

Swanson, Mark N., Early Christian-Muslim Theological Conversation among Arabic-Speaking Intellectuals.

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