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Hajj Certificate

Plate II
(130 kB)
Source: S.W. Zwemer, Arabia: The Cradle of Islam, 3rd Edition, Fleming Revell Co., 1900, facing p. 40.

PLATE II. pictures the quadrangular court of the Mecca Haram, within which is the circular colonnade, enclosing the Kaaba or Beit Allah, the House of God. Below the representation of the Kaaba is depicted the famous station of Abraham, a stone 20 inches long by 15 inches wide. It is in the shape of a basin, and is buried in the earth. The name of Abraham is connected with it from the tradition that he first built the Kaaba. Below this may be noticed the famous "Beer Zemzem" or Well of Zemzem, which is claimed to be the water which Hagar saw, when Ishmael was dying of thrist. Around the circle are the praying places of the Malikis, the Hanafys, the Hanbalys and the Shafi-is, the four great sects of Islam. Around the quadrangle are 20 gates, such as Bab-su-Nebi, Gate of the Prophet, Gate of Abraham, of Peace, of Abbas, of the Mare, the Mule, Safa, of Farewell, of Wisdom, etc., etc., — besides various shrines.

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