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2001 Global Islamic News


12-14-2001 JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) Hundreds of militants head for Sulawesi. "Some 300 men from a militant Indonesian Muslim group are believed to be traveling to the island of Sulawesi to join hundreds of others who have been accused of sectarian violence against Christians which has killed 15 people.''

12-13-2001 Indonesia (Australian Broadcasting Corp) INDONESIA: Is the Laskar Jihad seeking to de-Christianise the nation?. "Father Alfred Manus, whose catholic parish is in the front-line of the fighting, says tens of thousands of christians from coastal villagers have fled since islamic fighters began burning down churches and attacking christian villages.''

12-13-2001 Indonesia (Australian Broadcasting Corp) Sulawesi's militants. "About 1,000 people have been killed in two years of sporadic fighting between Christians and Muslims on Sulawesi, north east of Jakarta. The latest outbreak of violence has been blamed on the Java-based Muslim militant group, Laskar Jihad.''

12-4-2001 Washington DC (Nando Times, AP) Nation: Female fighter pilot sues Air Force over its policy toward women in Saudi Arabia. "Female military personnel in Saudi Arabia must wear black head-to-foot robes called abayas and ride in the back seat when off base. They can only leave base if they are accompanied by a man. Lt. Col. Martha McSally says the policy is unconstitutional. It discriminates against women and violates their religious freedom, forcing them to wear clothing and follow customs mandated by a religion other than their own, her lawsuit says.''

12-3-2001 Asia-Pacific (BBC News) More bloodshed feared in Sulawesi. "It was an apparent reference to Laskar Jihad which has been fighting Christians in the Moluccas islands near Sulawesi since last year.The Indonesian Government's National Human Rights Commission says it expected further bloodshed.''


11-19-2001 Abu Dhabi, UAE (CNSNews.com) Israel To Protest Anti-Semitic TV Program. "Israel intends to lodge an official complaint with the United Nations over a television program broadcast throughout the Arab world, which depicts, among other things, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon drinking the blood of Arab children.
The program, broadcast on Abu Dhabi television, aired over the weekend as part of a political satire series made especially for the Ramadan holidays. Shown on prime time television, the satellite station broadcast the program to millions of Arabs throughout the Arab world.''

11-17-2001 Miami (AP) Prayers across the Mideast take on military tone. KHOBAR, Saudi Arabia—Sheik Mohammed al-Tawwash did not mention the United States or Osama bin Laden by name, but the meaning of his words—in the first hours of the holy month of Ramadan—were clear.
At a Khobar mosque, he asked God to "protect the innocent Muslims and give them victory over the infidels and enemies of Islam.'' ...
And sermons like al-Tawwash's seemed temperate, at least in comparison to the words of Abdul-Wahab Kassasbeh, the preacher at Amman University mosque in Jordan, who called on God to wreak vengeance on "Americans, Jews, their allies and whoever stands behind them.''


10-28-2001 Pakistan (ABC wire) Anti-U.S. rampage kills hundreds. "Women keened over the bodies of 15 Christians lying in pools of blood in a Pakistani church Sunday after masked gunmen on motorcycles drew up, shot dead a police guard and sprayed the congregation with Kalashnikov fire...
Around 2,500 people are said to be in jail or to face charges for blasphemy."

10-28-2001 Pakistan (CNN) At least 16 dead in Pakistani church shooting

10-14-2001 Nigeria (CNN) Anti-U.S. rampage kills hundreds. "Most of the slaughtered were Christians, with many more injured. Non-Muslims fled to police stations and army barracks, where they huddled for safety after dozens of churches were set on fire."

10-01-2001 Afghanistan (Nando Times) 11-volume 'Manual of Afghan Jihad' details methods of terrorism. "The 11-volume "Manual of Afghan Jihad," or holy war, makes for chilling reading - a how-to guide to what it calls the "basic rules of sabotage and destruction": Poison gas. Explosives. Hand-to-hand combat. Knives. And religious exhortations."


09-27-2001 Algeria (BBC) Wedding massacre in Algeria. "...the attackers believed to be from an armed Islamic group, killed women and children ranged in age from 7 to 60. "

09-27-2001 Kenya (BBC) Christian churches burnt down in Kenya. "Witnesses said phrases had been carved in the charred remains, including "God is Great" and "We Condemn America"."

09-20-2001 September 11th Terror (National Review, by Martin Kramer) Hijacking Islam: A religion in danger of deteriorating into a manifesto for terror. "As layer upon layer of violence has accumulated, Islam itself has come to be associated in many Western minds with terrorism. It is a tragic turn — and one for which the vast majority of moderate Muslims bears some responsibility."

09-16-2001 Terrorism (Newsday, by Mohamad Bazzi) 'A Network of Networks' of Terror. There's more to militant Islam than Osama bin Laden. Although most attention has focused on the Saudi dissident and his network, known as al-Qaeda, numerous groups in the Muslim world have used violence or terror in efforts to turn their countries into "Islamic states."

09-07-2001 Nigeria (USAToday, AP) Witnesses: Dozens dead in religious violence. Muslim-Christian violence raged Saturday in Nigeria's northern city of Jos, where frightened witnesses described dozens dead, churches burned and residents fleeing their homes or banding together for protection."

09-07-2001 Afghanistan (New York Time- International, Barry Bearak) Afghans Present Aid Team's Sins, Complete With Theology Lesson. Mr. Muttawakil, Afghan foreign minister, said, "We believe that we are actually here to serve human rights but there is a slight difference on the definition of these rights," he said, addressing the many criticisms of the international community. "We believe in rights according to Islam, and if anybody is trying to impose their definition of the human rights on us, they will be sadly mistaken because this world is not a world of one culture or one religion."

09-07-2001 Afghanistan (Australian Broadcasting Corp) Aid workers unaware their Taliban trial had begun. "In Afghanistan, Australian aid workers Peter Bunch and Diana Thomas have been unaware their trial on charges of preaching Christianity has begun without them." 

09-05-2001 Afghanistan (Japan Today) U.S. wants Afghani legal aid. "The U.S. State Department on Thursday sent a letter to the Taliban representative in Islamabad asking for legal representation and interpreters for the eight foreign aid workers put on trial Monday in Afghanistan for preaching Christianity." 

09-05-2001 Afghanistan (KABUL, Afghanistan, BBC News) Taleban 'may execute' aid workers. "A senior Taleban official has warned that foreign aid workers on trial in Afghanistan on charges of preaching Christianity could be executed." 

09-01-2001 USA (San Antonio Express-News, TX) New stamp honors U.S. Muslims. "Nazli Siddiqui, who came to the United States from Pakistan in 1984, said Muslims are the nation's fastest-growing religious group and soon will be its second largest religious minority. They have increasing political clout, too, she said." 

09-04-2001 Afghanistan (KABUL, Afghanistan, CNN) Aid workers trial begins in Afghanistan. "A decree issued by the Taliban's supreme leader early this year set the death penalty for Afghan Muslims converting to another religion. But the punishment for foreigners found preaching Christianity is unclear." — According to Islamic Shari'ah law, execution is a penalty for a Muslim who converts to another religion in an Islamic nation. It is NOT an extremist's viewpoint. Some Canadian Muslims seem to defend this barbaric practice.

09-04-2001 Algeria (ALGIERS, Algeria, AP) Attackers kill seven on beach in eastern Algeria. "A group believed to be Islamic militants disguised as police officers killed seven people who were camping at a beach in eastern Algeria, slitting their victims' throats, news reports said Tuesday."

09-04-2001 Afghanistan (KABUL, Afghanistan, AP) Taliban puts eight foreign aid workers on trial for preaching Christianity in Afghanistan. "The Taliban's strict enforcement of their laws among Afghans has left many international aid organizations fearful for their local employees. 
A senior Taliban official has told The Associated Press that at least some of the 16 employees probably the teachers will be either sentenced to life in jail or death by hanging. "

09-02-2001 Saudi Arabia (Toronto Star, New York Times, Neil MacFarquhar) From ruling class to working class: In oil rich Saudi Arabia, the relaxed life is slowly vanishing. ""There is an Arabic word, itikali, when you always want someone else to do something for you," says Prince Abdullah bin Faisal, 51, a nephew of the king and chairman of the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority. "Like now, some Saudis don't want to take work. They became lazy, spoiled.""

09-02-2001 Afghanistan (Toronto Star, Haroon Siddiqui) Muslims also to blame for Afghan refugee mess. "Not only did Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation, refuse them entry. Not one of the 55 members of the Organization of Islamic Conference offered to take them. More tellingly, they did not want to go to any one of them. They preferred to take their chances in the much-maligned West, prompted no doubt by better economic prospects but perhaps also the knowledge that life can be cheap in Muslim societies and human rights often non-existent."

09-01-2001 Iran (BBC News) Khatami lashes Taleban's Islam. "He spoke out after hardline Iranian clerics used Friday prayers in Tehran to commend the Afghan movement's use of harsh Islamic punishments."


08-31-2001 Jakarta (JP) Hamzah warns against making Islam a threat to other religions. "Many have come to me, non-Muslims and foreign envoys, expressing their suspicion and fear of Islam," Hamzah said, while addressing Friday prayers at Al-Husna Mosque in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, as quoted by Antara."

08-31-2001 Dar Es Salaam (All Africa by Giviniwa Paul) Chaos Financiers Nabbed As Moslems Stick On Demos. "POLICE in Dar Es Salaam are holding about 20 residents suspected to be financing the ongoing crisis and demonstrations involving Muslim believers."

08-31-2001 SRINAGAR (Indian Express by Muzamil Jaleel) Come September, veil over Valley. "At 1.30 pm today, three masked men got into a passenger bus at the Batamaloo bus terminal here. They asked one woman why she wasn’t wearing a burqa, then harassed a young girl wearing a half-sleeve frock. They wanted to take her away but other women pleaded on her behalf and promised they would never leave home without wearing a veil."

08-31-2001 Bangladesh (Reuters) Bangladesh Islamic Party Unveils Poll Manifesto. "But Mizami said his party would also seek close regional cooperation in the interests of economic development and would pursue a "peaceful foreign policy based on friendship to all and malice to none." He also called for the country's mostly foreign-funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to be restricted to providing welfare services. "Any propagation of anti-Islamic ideologies by the NGOs will be resisted," he said." — Islam wants the freedom to propagate its religion worldwide, but it opposes the same freedom to others when it is in power.  

08-31-2001 Afghanistan (Reuters, by Sayed Salahuddin) Afghan Taliban Shut Two Christian Aid Agencies. "Afghanistan's ruling Taliban on Friday closed the offices of two Christian aid organizations because of links with aid workers detained on charges of promoting Christianity. Taliban security officials said they had closed the offices of U.S.-based International Assistance Mission (IAM) and Serve on orders issued by the foreign ministry." — Why are the Western Muslims so silent about the Taliban's criminal behavior?

08-29-2001 Kashmir (CNN) Cover up or else, Kashmir women told. "Muslim women are rushing to buy veils in Indian Kashmir for safety's sake as a deadline to abide by a strict Islamic dress code draws near."

08-28-2001 Canada (CNN-AP) Canadia links Egyptian to Islamic terrorist group. "Canada's intelligence service believes an Egyptian living in Toronto is linked to a Islamic network responsible for the fatal 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania."

08-26-2001 Beneath the Veil Journalist Sairi Shah: Life in Afghanistan under the Taliban. — The program documents the horrific conditions in Afghanistan that are the result of following fundamental Islam.

08-26-2001 Afghanistan Taliban leader bans use of Internet throughout the country, says it is against Islam. — The edict did not specify the punishment, saying only that it would be in keeping with Islamic law. It did not specify how Internet connections violated the tenets of Islam.

08-22-2001 Iran Iran minister says floggings may hurt Islam's image. "In the holy city of Qom, the authorities went further, threatening to arrest shop owners wearing or selling neckties, which are seen by hardliners as a symbol of Western culture."

08-20-2001 Afghanistan Diplomats Say Taliban Violate International Norms. "Converting from Islam or encouraging conversion could carry a death sentence but the Taliban, who enforce an uncompromising interpretation of Islam, have refused to spell out details of a possible sentence."

08-19-2001 Pakistan Doctor in Pakistan sentenced to death on blasphemy charges. "Lower court Judge Safdar Hussain Malik said Younus deserved to be hanged for making derogatory remarks about Mohammed." — Dr. Shaikh's Life in Danger.  The charges against him are listed in the First Information Report (FIR).

08-19-2001 Afghanistan Ruling Taliban Adamant, No Diplomat Visa Extension. "Afghanistan's ruling Taliban will not extend the visas of three Western diplomats waiting in Kabul to meet their aid-worker nationals held for allegedly preaching Christianity to Afghan Muslims, a news agency said."

07-09-2001 Egypt Egypt apostasy trial adjourned. "Khaled Dawoud of the Al-Ahram newspaper, says whether she wins or loses this case, this sends a stark warning to other writers."  — It is dangerous for an intellectual to write the truth in a Muslim country. There can be no doubt that the Hajj has pagan origins.

03-26-2001 Indonesia A war only God sees: Hidden from the outside world, a conflict of death, religion, mutilation. "Trapped by Muslim extremists on the tiny Indonesian island of Kesui, she and more than 900 fellow Christians surrendered. Hundreds of Catholics and Protestants were forced to undergo female genital excision or male circumcision with kitchen knives and razor blades as the island was "purified" of all its Christians."


06-25-2001 Abu Dhabi, UAE (Data Dubai) Mobile phone messages are latest cause for divorce. "The first case of a divorce via a message on the wife's mobile phone has been registered by the Dubai courts. The court case is among 16 in the past two months in which mobile phone messages have resulted in divorce. Abdul Salam Darwish, a family advisor in the Family Reconciliation section of the courts, said the section had received an inquiry on Saturday from a national couple who wanted to know if they were divorced after the husband had sent a message to his wife's mobile phone saying, "Why are you late? You are divorced"." 


04-24-2001 Abu Dhabi, UAE (JP) 1,001 Arabian Nights of Sex. "Ramzi El Khoury, the founder of an Arabic-language Internet portal, kicked up the temperature on the discussion during the second International Summit on Internet and Multimedia when he cited a study that found that 80 percent of Arab-world Internet traffic heads for sex sites." 

Last edited 12/31/2001
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