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Smoothing Screen Fonts


Example of Arabic text before smoothing is applied to Arabic screen fonts.



Example of the same Arabic text after smoothing has been applied to Arabic screen fonts.


Windows XP

Using font smoothing makes Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and other fonts look more appealing on a computer screen.

1. First, click on the Control Panel icon.

2. Next, click on Performance and Maintenance.

3. Next, click on Adjust visual effects.

4. Next, check the Smooth Edges of screen fonts box.


Last edited 03-05-2002

Windows 2000

Using font smoothing on Windows 2000.

1. First, click on the Display icon in the Control Panel.

2. Next, click on the Effects tab of the Display Properties. 

3. Finally, click on the box for Smooth edges of screen fonts box, so that a check mark appears within the box.