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We welcome your inquiries

The simplest way to contact us is via email. Our email address is: 

NOTE: If you have a question that requires us to answer you directly, you must send us your email address. Sometimes we receive requests that we cannot answer because the person who posted the inquiry did not include his/her email address.

You may submit your inquiry to us by entering your inquiry or comment on the following form.  Most of your inquiries and our responses will be posted on this web site without identifying the inquirer.  So, normally, we will not respond to you directly via email.  Instead, look for your response in the Inquiry Index.  However, if you would like us to respond to you via email, it will be necessary for you to include your email address on the form.   

Our primary focus is to encourage participants from Muslim countries, so we promise to respect your anonymity.  Instead of sending us your email address, we suggest that you only select your country of origin.  

Lastly, if there are any errors—factual, spelling, or grammatical, we would like to know about them.  By being informed of these errors, we will be able to improve this site.

Thank you for your input.


Last edited 01/18/2008
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